Spam reporting rules

We have a group for spam reporting. Here goes some basic rules you should follow while performing a spam report:

  • NEVER link spammer account in your post. This will help them in traffic generation, and that's a bad idea. Do something like “!spamreport viagrapillz at quitter detected, looks like a spammy account!”, not like “!spamreport looks like a spammy account!”.
  • Check subscribers. Possibly, admin of instance where you detected a spammer is subscribed. Then it will be good idea to cc him. Just append something like “ cc: @adminaccname” to the end of your message.
  • If you received a message and believe that admin didn't saw it or he even not subscribed to this group, contact him with this report. Don't forget to inform us by replying to notice you forwarded :-).
  • Look at groups spammer participating - which groups is “spammer” member of? Who created those groups? Who are other members of those groups? Groups can form rich hunting grounds for finding other/more spammers, so groups created by spammer should also be reported.
  • Look at who spammer subscribes to and by who it is subscribed to - same as for groups: rich hunting grounds for more! many “spammers” operate in “clusters” (of course often quite likely accounts operated by the same real spammer).


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