Voting about Twitter bridge

Twitter bridge sometimes creates a very heavy load on server (despite on 4 2.8GHz cores and 8 GB RAM), loadaverage goes up to 10, and websites becomes unreachable. After extensive digging and hardware testing, I've made a conclusion - it's twitterbridge. It creates heavy load:

Why it's happened?

Someone connects with heavy-traffic twitter account, that produces at least 1 thousand items per minute. Right now common twitter items processed within 1 minute is around 2 thousands.

Why resource limiting will not help?

Because imported from twitter items are placed in common database table named queue_item. Queue daemons takes items from there and process them. So, if we will limit queue daemons, we will experience federation timelag.

Where bugs can be reported?

The first place of bugs reporting on LoadAverage is our bugtracker: You can also send an email to support at, that will be automatically processed, and ticket will be assigned.

I'm aware of this, so you should only wait, I'm collecting more useful information and will send it upstream (or even send a patch to upstream, if I will manage to get it resolved).

I want to call all users for voting about future of Twitter bridge. Write in comments about future of Twitter bridge on LoadAverage, I will count all opinions! :-)

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