Say "Hello" to Matrix

Loooong time ago I've discovered XMPP protocol to be a very good thing. It is open-source, extensible, there are many servers and clients out there with different functionality, resource consumption, etc. But there is couple things that annoy me:

  1. No history syncing. No, of course, there was XEP-0136, which was eventually abandoned due to complexity and big overhead, and replaced with XEP-0313, which simplier, but still not all clients support it.
  2. No inline image sending. There is such functionality in Pidgin, but only in Pidgin. Gajim, Psi(+) have no ability to send such images into MUCs and one-to-one chats.
  3. No audio/video. At all. Completely. Jingle wasn't implemented properly in many clients, that makes them incompatible with each other.

And, after couple of years of using XMPP, I've encountered Matrix. It's in beta stage, but most functionality already there:

  1. One-to-one chats and multi-user chats.
  2. History syncing.
  3. Seamless files sending. All type of files.
  4. Audio/Video calls.
  5. Open-source, you can set up it yourself.
  6. Seamless switching between web clients. Once authed in Matrix built-in web client you should be able to use Vector without additional autorization!
  7. Official android client. Yesterday A/V was added there!

I've set up Matrix instance for everyone out there. You may reach it there: It's built-in client, and it's pretty slow, but most powerful. Within couple of next days I'll setup Vector - fast and glossy client for Matrix, so stay tuned.

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