Private support channel

From this moment LoadAverage have a private support channel, when you can submit your bugs (or even ideas!) privately. You should write an email to support @ this domain..

Reasons for creating of this support channel is simple:

  • More fast response on problems. As someone mentioned, I rarely respond in GNU Social now, so this is a really fast way to get in touch with me about LoadAverage resources, because I have my mail even on mobile phone.
  • More familiar way to keep track on issues, thanks to RedmineCRM's Helpdesk plugin (they offer it for free to non-profit organizations in exchange of placing a banner on main domain's page).
  • More easier way to get support about LoadAverage resources. Just send an email, and support ticket will be created automagically.

And, as you probably mentioned, RedmineCRM's banner appeared in sidebar. This was a cost of enabling this plugin for free, and I want to say sorry for users who disliked it.

Stanislav N. 2014/09/09 16:08

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