Migration to HA - status.

As someone already should know, I have an agreement with Highland Arrow admin (Maiyannah Bishop) that LoadAverage will move to them. This blog post is about status update of LoadAverage moving.

First I want to say “big thanks” to Maiyannah for hating systemd things. No, really, I hate it too. Really hate. But have to use somewhere :(

So as first step we decided to build Gentoo VM with OpenRC. As I already have one, but compiled with @@-march=native@@, I decided to use it but just rebuild the world.

Second step, after rebuilding - deploying to their hypervisor and configure VM if neccessary.

Third step - install needed software, because that VM is clean from anything, it's just a “reference” VM.

Fourth step - migrate LoadAverage itself, which will require downtime.

All these actions will take time, so I'll update this blog post if something changes. Also I'll post updates to LoadAverage GNU social group.

Remember, that you can contact me in XMPP MUC (loadaverage@conference.loadaverage) as well as Matrix room (#loadaverage:matrix.feder8.ru).

The Status.


Thanks to xrevan@loadaverage.org, LoadAverage is back and running smoothly!

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