LoadAverage mailing lists - new way to receive announcements

More than half of year passed since I've moved everything to new server, more than half of year ago I've lost my mail spammer with blacklist to stop annoy people who didn't use LoadAverage anymore and do not want to receive mass-mails about urgent works on infrastructure. This script could easily be rewritten, of course, but I cannot restore blacklist. And also I do not want to annoy these peoples who used LoadAverage in past about some things that might come in future. It's time to choose what to do next, because active users should know about all disasters that might happen, but I do not want to spam every registered user anymore. And solution came to me - mailing lists.

Really, mailing lists is a very good thing. It won't use gigabytes of space on server, it won't overload it with shitty loops and won't flood my server with coredumps. In other words, mailing list is a great solution of this problem.

But another problem came to my mind - self-hosting. I do not want to use google groups or sourceforge mailing lists just because I can't control it, I'm not responsible for any (or almost any) downtime, and who can assure me that they do not selling even data from mailing lists? And after couple minutes solution again came to me - there is a very lightweight mailing lists manager that can be easily plugged into any mail server without shitty mailman things - mlmmj. It is really lightweight, most of configuration done in mailing list directory by touch'ing some file or putting some content in it. So here it is, my brand new mailing lists server :-).

But no more “crying stories” here, it is official. If you want to receive mails about future works on LoadAverage infrastructure, get public assistance and even publicly speak with me (who knows what you want?) - subscribe to it! No restrictions, limitations and SMS messages! Just read here to get started.

Of course, all notices about something that can put LoadAverage in dark (for some time) will be also posted in LoadAverage GNU social group. Mailing lists is an addition, not a complete switch.

Stanislav N. 2016/01/27 00:30

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