Bye guys...

Approx. 3.5 years ago I've launched LoadAverage - a public GNU social instance for everyone. I thought it will be a great idea to make GNU social more popular and help as much users as possible to switch from centralized services like Twitter. Instance was set up, MMN-o put a link to it on and people start to register!

For 3.5 years I was supporting GNU social (and still support it) by my actions and by hosting for you guys. But everything ends sometime. Almost a year ago I've lost my job due to department's chief mistakes, and still I have no job. No one needs great system's administrator and architect in Russia. Well, no, someone need it, but I'm about to became a dad, so I need kinda more than $400 :(.

If someone say “relocation to EU/US will help you” - no. It won't. In fact, I do not want to relocate due to migration crisis. I do not want to worry for my family, especially when it will grow. No one (okay, almost) loves russians these days.

For now I'm freelancing, but this takes too much time from me, so I can't even find a time to update LoadAverage to latest version. And, due to this: on 14th March 2017 I will shutdown LoadAverage.

I repeat:

On 14th March 2017 I will shutdown LoadAverage and will delete all data.

Wanna prevent it?

Okay, no problems! You can do that. I can transfer domain ownership to you and send encrypted archive with GNU social and database dump to you. But:

  1. You should be known to GNU social community. I will not transfer data to unknown person so it will be able to crack passwords or use this data for something else.
  2. You should know how to fight with problems. Of course, MMN-o will help you with GNU social problems (I hope), but you should be able to configure Linux/BSD system for hosting as well as fight with problems that WILL appear due to PHP. Believe me, they will :).
  3. (Optional) You should already be a LoadAverage user. It'll be a great plus to you, especially if you aren't just registered.

Get in touch with me

I am unsure if I'll be available in IRC, but you definetely can write to my mail (pztrn at pztrn dot name) and try to reach me on Matrix ( Also you can write comments to this post, I'm monitoring Disqus mails.

So again - thanks guys for this awesome journey and excuse me for these bad news.

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