LoadAverage.org General rules

1. Common things

  1. User groups, used here:
    1. Administrators - head mans of this site. Can do everything possibe, 12 impossible and couple of unbelievable things.
    2. Moderators - privileged people, that can watch what users do. They have some abilities, like ability to bas user.
    3. Users - simple user, like everyone here.

2. Administrators responsibility

  1. Administrators and moderators responsible for following these rules under any circumstances. Any.
  2. Administrators can guarantee you, that your personal data will not be exposed, selled or (insert your method here) to any third parties.
  3. Administrators may expose your data only if we will receive a legal notice from legal authorities.
  4. Administrators wants to ensure you, that all your data, stored on our servers, will be backed up in encrypted form (double openssl crypting of a backup archive).
  5. Administrators must listen to users.
  6. Administrators must follow all rules listed below also, without exceptions.

3. Moderators responsibility

This item may not be applicable for all our resources, because some of them may not have such function.

  1. Moderators must keep their eyes on users and watch, that they are no broken. Both of them.
  2. Moderators must listen to users.
  3. If moderators can't solve something, or can't make user happy - they must contact Administrators and relay detected problem to them.
  4. Moderators must follow all rules listed below. Without exceptions.

4. Users responsibility

  1. Follow all these rules, despite on their stupidity, inconsistence, etc.
  2. Disable own “offensive” feature (political, ethical, etc.). We are not barbarians.
  3. Do not try to do something bad to our resources, without noticing Administrators.
  4. Inform Administrators about any issues they faced.
  5. Do not place information that might be illegal in Russian Federation, Germany or in their country. Yes, no pr0n or warez. Sorry.
  6. Use common sense.

5. Accounts

  1. User account is a permanent thing.
  2. User account will not be deleted, if any of useful notices will be posted. These notices includes: mentions, not spammy links, conversations. Activities will not count as useful notice.

Not following these rules may do something really bad with you!

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