Begin to be social

When you registering on our GNU Social instance (or any other), your first question is: what to do now?. Well, answer is simple - begin to be social!

For general information about decentralized and federated networks, see the new users page.

Finding people

Very good approach to find new people to chat is join to groups and comment notices. More or less complete list of GNU Social groups can be found here.

If you are still unsatisfied, you can look into this list, composed by question bot.

Moreover, you can look into public timeline of large instances, like Quitter,, or one from this list.

Chatting in groups

You can post to groups in two ways:

  • By selecting group in drop-down list in web interface.
  • By using a bangtag before group name (e.g. !fediverse to post to fediverse group). This method is perfect for posting to many groups simultaneously.

Chatting with people

Public notice to person

To send a public notice to specified person, you should use mentions, or @nickname syntax. For example, you can send something like this to @pztrn:

Hey, @pztrn, check this out! New features in #gnusocial #xmpp daemon! <link>

BUT! This will work only if you already subscribed to this person! What to type, if you aren't? Type full webfinger address:

Hey,, check this out! New features in #gnusocial #xmpp daemon! <link>

Full webfinger address contains a nickname of user and instance address where he is located.

Public reply to person

If you want to reply to person, you can do this in couple of ways:

  • Press “Reply” button in web interface.
  • Place webfinger (or just username, if you're subscribed) in the beginning of reply.

Note, that second way will reply to last notice from this user, received on your instance!

Hashtags and Bangtags

In GNU Social universe we got two type of tags:

  • Hashtags - for arranging notices, or just clarify the subject of notice (because they are rendered as HTML link, e.g. tag xmpp will be rendered in something like this).
  • Bangtags - for posting to groups.

It's enough to use bangtag only once in your notice (or couple of times, if notice's subject are within these groups topics). For example, this notice is perfect (post news about fresh Prosody release in prosody, xmpp and news groups):

!prosody !xmpp server developers released new version: <link>. Notable changes: improved xmpp bytestream support for file transfers, brand-new #webinterface for users registration. !news

This notice is good enough (posting to advice and xmpp groups, heavy use of hashtags):

Requesting !advice from !xmpp users: what #server to use? Tried #prosody and #ejabberd, but both are #notgood for me!

This notice is VERY BAD, because you are starting to act as spambot, that posts to all available (or subscribed) groups:

My experience with !ejabberd and !prosody !xmpp !servers: <link>. Probably, you can !advice something good? Please, #donotsuggest !tigase, !openfire or any !java, !lua and !erlang #servers.

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