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GNU Social is a free and open-source microblogging system, originally developed by e14n (Evan Prodromou) and community, previously named as StatusNet. In 2013, GNU Social merged merged with StatusNet.

GNU Social is written in PHP and uses MySQL (MariaDB) as database. It is pretty easy to install on any server. It can even be used on shared hosts, though, it is not recommended, see why. The GNU Social community is a federation (interpolation) of GNU Social instances. The Fediverse is a decentralized network of social media nodes which can communicate with one another.

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Here you will find articles that might help you with GNU Social installation and usage.


There are a variety of dedicated clients for GNU social, many of which are compatible with Twitter.

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Some useful information you might want to see. Plugin, install, and theme documentation can be found in the GNU Social source code.

Social Servers (GNU Social instances)

see for basic information about public servers.

For a comprehensive list of Independent GNU Social instances, see Skilledtests. And add your server to the list

Some of the more populous public servers are:

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