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Our history starts on 25th July 2013, when I read timeline updates on my private instances, and detected some noises about pump.io's instances count and current GNU Social's. I decided to make an instance with good name, that will be publicly available to everyone.

At that time I was working in Mail.Ru group, sitting in datacenter and monitoring our servers and services. Most noticeable one was “Load Average is CRITICAL (bla, bla, bla)”. At that time there was a minimum of public instances available, so I thought that this will be a good name for public instance.

On 27th July 2013 I have registered this domain name and installed fresh GNU Social from Git.


We are using GNU Social for our site, and I'm trying to keep it in sync with latest Git.


Our resources are powered by 2 replicated virtual machines (web frontend), each have 4gb of RAM and 4 3.4GHz cores. Our host-machines are Core i7-4770 powered with 32gb of RAM and 2×2 (RAID1) HDDs. Database server is separate virtual machine with 8gb of RAM and 4 3.4GHz cores. These virtual machines interconnected with 1gbit/s links (maximum load was 890mbit/s). We got 200mbit/s guaranteed internet bandwidth.


If you will encounter any bugs while using our resources, please, don't hesitate to fill a bug report here: https://jira.pztrn.name/projects/LADOTORG/issues


You can always contact with me by writing to this address: pztrn@pztrn.name.

I will not share my postal address publicly, sorry.

Stanislav N. 2014/05/11 15:21

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